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"Turquoise Matrix" - 2015
Eoin Colgan
48" x 48" x 2.5"

Within the color of balance, the story of the "Seed of Life" begins with one Arc...

- Mixed Media on Archival Wood Panel
- Costume Panel made in CA, USA.
- Matte Archival Finish

Further information: 

The inspiration for this Turquoise painting comes from a life long love of this stunning mineral. This opaque, blue green mineral is a rare beauty and reflection of our ancestry. As it is the color of balance it is fitting to see it in relationship with the circle, where all geometric form is first born.

The PI ratio of 3.14 comes from comparing the diameter of the circle to the circumference of the circle, this ratio has an infinite nature and cannot be reduced by the mind of man. The story of the circle is imbued with fundamental allegories of the story of ourselves, the individual who explores this first-hand with a compass and ruler with discover much about themselves and their relationship to the Arc and to the geometric cosmic order of All things.     

The seed of Life begins with one revolution, it's circumference radiates out from the stillness of the center point, without a "center" the Arc of the infinite cannot permeate through space and time. All the fundamentals geometric structure that build the elements we are made of are born in this sphere, the circle it the original Arc we all sail in, it is the primary pattern, the matrix of matter. 

Organic shape language is imperative to see in our daily lives - our brains suffer from seeing too many hard angles and this can lead to a stifling effect on our imagination, intuitive abilities and insights. I create art works of this Nature to remind myself and others to stay connected to the natural kingdoms within and without, a reminder of our ancient and timeless Nature.

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