I was born on the Emerald Isle of Ireland, county Dublin in 1978. From a young age I was captivated by the ancient meadows of c
rumbling castle ruins, and the clear as crystal night sky's seared me with a creative wonder.
Inspired by this land I began to draw, reflect on my scribbles and draw some more. Over much time and perseverance I realized my sketchbooks gifted me a place of creative freedom, allowing me to dive deeper into worlds yet untold.
I now create to express and kindle inner knowings that reside within us all, the glimmering fires of our creative potential. My personal work is inspired in appreciation for the gift of Life we breathe together, and for harmonious worlds of Truth and Freedom to come.


I continued my studies in Dublin, majoring in animation and CG modeling at Ballyfermot Senior College.

Many paintings are born in sketchbooks, every page is a place to ponder and be free. Worlds, characters and narratives make themselves known here for further development.  

I have worked in the entertainment industry for the past 15 years as a conceptual artist and art director, specializing in character, creature and world creation for clients including Codemasters, Electronic Arts, Riot Games and Emberlab.
Currently I reside in Los Angeles, California as a Fine Art Painter and Creative Director at Vivinite Creative


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