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Eoin "Eon" Colgan

I was born on the Emerald Isle of Ireland, county Dublin in 1978.
From a young age I was captivated by the ancient meadows of c
rumbling castle ruins and the clear as crystal night sky's seared me with a creative wonder.
Inspired by this land of ancient history I began to draw and over time realized my sketchbooks where a place of creative freedom,
allowing me to dive deeper into worlds and visions yet to be realized.

I have worked in the entertainment industry for the past 22 years as a 3D Artist, a Conceptual Artist and Art Director, specializing in character,
creature and world creation for clients including Codemasters, Electronic Arts, Riot Games and Emberlab.

Currently I live in Los Angeles, California and specializing in Art Direction/I.P development, Concept Art and illustration.