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    The following is an example of the development stages that go into creating an illustration artwork for a client. I hope this helps in explaining the overall process, if you have any additional questions feel free to get in touch. - Eoin 

    ROUND: 1 

    • After the concept is discussed with the client I will begin doing several versions of the idea explored in different compositions (See below)
    • At this early stage color and excessive detail is omitted as the focus is on the the overall style, mood, narrative and composition of the final piece.
    • In this case, direction "C" was approved for development.

    ROUND: 2 & 3

    • With additional notes and feedback from the client, we now move into a more detailed and refined version of the illustration.
    • A "tonal" version is painted to bring focus to the important elements and narrative of the piece (R.2)
    • After the client reviews the grayscale version and with feedback gathered, we then move to a color comp which explores the final color palette for the artwork (R.3)  

    ROUND: 4 & 5

    • After gathering feedback from the previous round (R3) I then begin to paint all the high frequency details adding lighting, character details and environmental elements.   
    • Towards the closing stages the illustration is shared with client for any final feedback. 
    • The illustration is detailed and painted until we reach the final illustration below.

    And that's a wrap! The final high resolution version is submitted to client upon approval.
    If you are interested in working with me email art@emeraldeon.com