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"Systems Ratio" 
24 x 24 x 1.5
Mixed Media on Fine Art Panel

Earth to Moon, 11 to 3, Pythagorean Triples, Phi ratio matter manifested.

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The inspiration for this piece comes from a love of striped agate, the volcanic stone with it's many layers of history embedded within like the rings of an ancient tree.
Floating above are two agate spheres with the scale relationship of the Earth and the moon, the precise ratio of 11/3 - this exact cosmic and geometric ratio points to a deeper mystery regarding the relationship of geometry to matter.

The compass and ruler have much to intuitively teach us, this unwritten book of arc and point begins to write itself as you spin the compass on a page, these ratios and holistic relationships can be easily drawn with a basic understanding of sacred geometry - the ancient art of self innerstanding, the geometric language that builds All language.

The study of these fundamental infinite geometric relationships shines a light on ourselves as these relationships also manifest in Us. Phi ratio hides many secrets of the self, from the ratio of our faces to the shape and size of planets we walk upon.   

- Mixed Media on Archival Wood Panel
- Costume panel made in CA, USA.
- Matte archival finish

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