EmeraldEon - 3D Artworks

Little know fact... 
I started in the entertainment industry as a 3D Artist way back in the year 2000! Whoa how time flies! What a  journey it has been since then...

These were the days of "low ploy modeling" and there were many restrictions on the level of detail we could apply to game engine. This taught me valuable lessons in economy of detail, of the application of strong silhouettes and doing "more" with "less"... I mean seriously, some of the in-game models were 160 polygons or less!


Shortly after the completion of Treasure Planet in 2001 I applied to Warthog Games in Manchester and got the opportunity to work with some stellar talent on BattleStar Galactica. This was an amazing opportunity and as the technology progressed so did the level of detail we were able to put into the project, here is some of the artwork I created for this title:    


During this time I also began to release my own versions of existing characters on the CG forums, I loved interpreting existing designs and putting my personal spin on them. My goal with this work was to showcase my painting and art style and share my geometry workflow, revealing what could be done with a limited number of polygons and texture resolution. 

This work was well received online and opened up new opportunities for me abroad, I had my sights set on living in Los Angeles and working for a big entertainment studio. After much work and perseverance I applied to EA games in L.A in 2003. In January of 2004 I was offered a position at Electronic Arts as a character artist on Golden Eye! This was a dream come true and I leaped at the offer!

Shortly after joining EA I began working on in-game character models for Golden Eye applying all I had learned...




After the completion of this project I was offered a position as senior artist on Medal Of Honor - Airborne in 2005. Surrounded by great artists I realized that the learning process never ends as you absorb so much on the job. I applied my evolving skill set to this "next generation project"... the increase in graphic processing allowed all the artists to push the level of detail and artistic execution for this project.



Upon completion of this project I began to move away from primarily being a 3D artist as I realized everything that I was creating in 3D I could also accomplish in 2D in a shorter amount of time and with more creative potential, this was the next frontier for me to master... and so the journey continues ;]